A Day In the Life Of Luhi Purcell (Part II)

5:55 AM - Drop of Fauneil at the hospital for work. Early, early.

7:11 AM - Drive Brandon and his friends to the bus stop. Those kids are lucky that I am a big enough sucker to give them a ride everyday.

7:36 AM - Feed the kids breakfast and get them ready for school (McCann almost always has a yogurt or two for his breakfast. Always.)

8:15 AM - Leave to take McCann to School (he is supposed to BE there at 8:15, so yes, he was a little late.)

8:28 AM - Drop Lily off at school. Notice she doesn't have a coat. Yep, I got sick of fighting that battle. I figure, if she is not at risk of frost bite, then I don't give a crap if she wears one. Much easier that way.

8:42 AM - Today is Omelette Day at the hospital. I went to meet Fauneil, so we could eat breakfast together. See how long the line is? It's always this crazy. And by the time we left the cafeteria, the line was twice as long.

Fauneil got the "Steak With Everything" and I got the seafood. Mmmm, mmmm good.

Here we are together. Aren't we cute?

9:24 AM - I go to Xpedx to buy a box. It's fun stuff, buying a box.

9:46 AM - Gasing up at Costco. Gas prices have been rising, folks. This fact does not make me happy.

10:01 AM - I went into Costco for a couple things and these cashews were calling my name. Last time we bought some, they were gone in just over 24 hours.

10:17 AM - Stopped at Target to buy flash cards for Lily.

10:43 AM - Got home and realized that I left the iron on this whole time. Doh! Don't tell my wife. She'll kill me.

10:44 AM - I have 30 minutes before I need to pick up McCann from Kindergarten. I...must...get...the...kitchen...cleaned...before then. Once kids are home, everything takes three times longer.

11:20 AM - I pick up McCann. Guess what? He passed off his letters and sight words and is now an official member of the "Cookie Club." Way to go McCann! (That cookie is as big as his head.)

On the way home we played on snow hills...

looked down long pipes...

and walked on walls (not water, mind you. We don't do that around here.)

11:38 AM- McCann starts eating his Cookie Club cookie. He says, "This cookie is Ginormous."

11:59 AM - We start on McCann's homework.

12:20 PM - McCann peeled himself and egg for lunch (of course, he had a yogurt with that).

12:30 PM - McCann puts his egg yolk in Emma's dog food bowl. (He doesn't like egg yolks.)

12:33 PM - I help McCann make this paper spider.

1:01 PM - McCann and I go to Walmart to buy a car battery. (This is one of my favorite things to do...NOT!)

3:35 PM - Lily comes home from school. Yay!

3:41 PM - Lily has graham crackers and skim milk for a snack. This is one of her all-time favorites.

4:17 PM - We pick up Brandon from dance practice.

4:43 PM - Brandon and I lift weights (he wouldn't let me take a picture of him).

5:15 PM - Brandon and I make spinach protein shakes (I hear you gaging. Don't knock it until you try it. It's actually not all that bad).

5:33 PM - I start making dinner and Lily starts piano practice. Chicken wraps with whole wheat tortillas and low-fat ranch dressing. It's all ready to eat when Fauneil gets home from work.

5:55 PM - I help Lily with her homework. Math flashcards today.

Also at 5:55 PM - Brandon starts his piano practice.

5:56 PM - This salesman knocks on my door and tries to sell me a big blue water tank.

6:15 PM - Brandon starts his homework and I leave to get Fauneil from the hospital. (I almost never need to tell Brandon to do his homework. This kid is awesome.)

6:30 PM - I pick up Fauneil, and she mentions that she wants pizza for dinner.

6:44 PM - Scrap the chicken wrap idea. We go get pizza. (We ordered a cheese pizza. The first time they gave us pepperoni. The second time, a combo. Finally, on the third attempt, they got us our cheese pizza. They gave us free crazy bread for our trouble.)

SIDE NOTE: Brandon and I still ate chicken wraps. We are on a health kick right now.

6:59 PM - McCann was so excited to tell Mom that he got into the cookie club. He shared his cookie with her.

7:22 PM - Our friend Brent came by to bring us cake bites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery. Dang they looked good. I had to eat half of one. Thanks Brent.

7:44 PM - Lily crying after her bath, because she didn't want me to give her one. She went to bed shortly after this.

8:03 PM - McCann's turn to take a bath. He was a little less of a struggle. Still a struggle, though.

8:22 PM - I wash the dishes. Boy do they need to be done...again.

8:47 PM - I hang out with Brandon and we play on our computers.

9:14 PM - McCann, once again, gets kicked out of the bedroom for making too much noise and not going to sleep. Dang kid! I also start writing this blog post while he goes to sleep on the couch I will probably leave him to sleep there.

10:44 PM - We are having some friends over for dinner on Saturday. Should I make the cheesecake now? (I start Facebooking) 10:39 PM - I should really think about making that cheesecake. (I start Facebooking again.) 11:19 PM - Screw the cheesecake. It will have to wait until tomorrow. (SIDE NOTE: I have NOT checked this post for grammar or spelling...at all. If you don't like this fact, please go read another blog that is boring, yet grammatically correct.) Luhi out!


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