Can You Really Save Money At Outlet Stores: Part II (Road Trip To Tanger Outlet Stores: Fossil, Crocs, and Gymboree)


Last night and today, I am celebrating Valentine's Day with my wife. (What does this have to do with outlet store? Nothing, but hear me out. I'll get to the outlet stores in a minute.) Anyway, my gift to her, this year, was a night on the town (last night) and a clean house (this morning I cleaned it) and a day free from kids. So this afternoon, I took the kids to the outlet stores in Park City to get them away.

We mostly went to the outlet stores, this trip, because McCann is in dire need of pants. Almost all of them have holes (take a look at these.)

He also needed new Crocs. Check out the size of the hole in this one. (I know, I'm pathetic for waiting for so long.)

Every time we go to the outlet stores, we always stop at the Fossil, Crocs and Gymboree outlet stores. This trip, those are the only ones we visited.

First Stop, the Fossil Outlet Store.

Every time I go in there, I want to buy my wife one of their purses, but my wife is not really into handbags. This time I wanted to buy her this one, but I didn't.

What we bought was this Claiborne watch for Brandon's next birthday present. This was our first find of the day. It's normally $89, but we got it for only $9. That's right, only $9. The normal outlet price was $19.99 but I got a $10 birthday gift card from the outlet stores for being a member, which brought our price down to $9. Not a bad deal, huh? I can deal with 89% off. It pays to be a member. (NOTE: it only costs $10 to be a member.)

Second stop, The Crocs Outlet Store where we bought this new pair of Crocs for McCann - our second deal of the day. Normally, at, they are $47.99 ($39.99 +$8.00 shipping), but we got them for $12 ($15.00 outlet price minus 20% for being an outlet member. Again, it pays to be a member). That's 75% off.

Lily got these new pig Croc button thingys for her crocs. They were only 99 cents each.

SIDE NOTE: My favorite thing about my new iPhone is not all the cool apps, or the 8 mega pixel camera, or Siri. It's the fact that it keeps my kids busy while I shop. Talk about a life saver.

Our last stop was the Gymboree Outlet Store. We love this place. The kids love watching the kid shows on their TV, and I like getting great deals.

I usually want to buy the whole store. This trip, my temptations were this dress for Lily...

and this dress...

and this coat...and many, many others.

This is Tanya. She is always working at the Gymboree Outlet Store when we go there, and she is the BEST! She is always super helpful and the reason we find so many great deals is because she is there pointing us in the right direction. She is also running to the back store room to get us the right sizes. And this is the most impressive part, she remembered my name and what dresses we bought Lily last time we were here. Now THAT is service.

Here is what we bought. Five pairs of pants and two shirts for McCann and three sets of leggings for Lily. At regular price this would have cost $155.98, but we got it all for only $62.81. That's 60% off. Sweet!

We always stop at McDonald's when we are leaving the outlet stores. This is, of course, the kids' favorite part of the trip. Well, we had another successful shopping trip, and that always feels good. We'll be back again.


One thought on “Can You Really Save Money At Outlet Stores: Part II (Road Trip To Tanger Outlet Stores: Fossil, Crocs, and Gymboree)

  1. That’s it, I’m going to the outlets next weekend. Great advise and I’m with you about the iPhone’s babysitting capabilities 🙂

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