What Horrible Deed Did I Do In Heaven To Get Such A Picky Kid?


This is my son McCann. He is VERY particular...with almost everything. This usually drives me crazy. Let me give you some examples.

Let's start with food. Many kids are picky about food, right? Let me show you how he excels in this area...beyond most kids. For example, he likes this brand of graham crackers, not...

this brand (or any other brand, for that matter). Once we even tried mixing the two brands together when he ate crackers and milk. We didn't want to waste this box. It didn't fool him, though. His fine pallet could tell the difference - even if we mixed it at only a 25/75 percent ratio.

When he drinks milk, he wants skim milk (the green one on the left) not 2% (the blue one on the right). Fortunately, he is not quite as picky with this as other things. If we run out of "green milk", we can usually convince him to drink "blue milk" for a day, until we can buy more "green milk."

Mustard. Most kids could care less what brand they eat. Not McCann. He only wants the brand on the far left. He hates all the other brands, and even if I sneak one of the "other" brands onto his sandwich or hot dog, he knows it by just looking at it. He doesn't even have to taste it. He can tell by sight that I am pulling a fast one. How crazy is that?

The only spoon he will use is the one on the far left. He refuses to use any of the other spoons. He would rather not eat.

The same goes for these kid spoons from IKEA. Most kids would love them, but he won't touch them.

When he eats Mandarin oranges, it has to be in this square glass bowl.

Not this round glass bowl...

or any of these other bowls. Not even the IKEA kids bowls (like on the far right). Another bowl example - he will eat graham crackers and milk in any bowl, but he has to have a washcloth laid out on the table between the bowl and himself. If not, he throws a hairy fit.

He hates wrinkles. If his bed gets wrinkled, he smooths it out. If the area rug, in our living room, looks like this, he goes crazy and straightens it immediately.

The same holds true for the bathroom rug. If a corner is turned up, like this, he freaks out and fixes it. Or, if the rug isn't straight (turned so it is perfectly lined up with the tub) he has to fix it.

When McCann lays out his blanket on the floor, he makes sure it is smoothed out perfect. If it was laid out like this, he would go ballistic and start straightening it.

When it comes to clothes, he will only wear long-sleeve button down shirts and long pants with a zipper and snap. No t-shirts (long or short sleeve), no sweats, or shorts.

When he is not in those specific street clothes, he only wears (long sleeved, long pants) pajamas...when he plays on the iPhone indoors...

when he plays in the snow outdoors...

when he rides his bike...

when he's watching TV...

when he's playing sports...

when he helps daddy cook...

you get the point - he's always wearing PJs - even in the Valentine's Day card we made for his classmates. If he's not in PJs, then he's in long-sleeve button-down shirts and zip-up long pants. Nothing else.

Now for the final example - the one that inspired me write this post. Tonight, when McCann was doing his kindergarten homework (about money), he didn't want to use the dirty penny (on the right). He insisted on using the shiny new penny (on the left). Crazy, isn't it - that a kid would be worried about such a thing? But he does. That is my McCann. Sometimes his pickyness drives me crazy. Sometimes it amazes me. Either way, he is a unique and special kid. I love him!


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