And You Thought The Grocery Store Was Boring: Kindergarten Field Trip!


Today, McCann's class had a field trip at the grocery store. McCann was excited, because he was told we were going to parts of the store that not even parents could go.

Here is McCann getting off the bus.

When they got into the store, each kid got a clip board with a paper and a pencil, so they could write down words that they see.

Then they packed their coats into a couple of carts.

Here is our tour guide (in the red shirt). I don't remember her name.

Of course, the cart full of gum was a distraction.

Same with the cart filled with candy.

Our tour guide took advantage of the moment and taught the kids about stockers and how they fill the shelves.. She even spelled it for them. S-T-O-K-E-R...wait a minute. That spells 'STOW-KER' doesn't it? Let's look it up.

Here's the defenition of S-T-O-K-E-R.

And here is the definition of S-T-O-C-K-E-R. Guess there is a reason she is an HR manager and not an English teacher.

We stopped by the pharmacy. (The kids had a hard time spelling this name.)

We also stopped in the dairy freezer. Brr! And it’s bigger than my kitchen. 

Here is a stray I had to follow. This is why we parents volunteer.

When we stopped by the meat department...

the kids got to see things like crab legs and clams. As you can see from their reactions, they thought this was gross.

We also went into the storeroom.

While we were there, they got to see into a semi trailer. The kids thought that was way cool.

We also stopped by the produce department. It was Dave, the Produce Manager's birthday. Here is the video of the kids singing. (Watch closely and you can see McCann conducting the song. Must come from having a mother who was a music major in college.)

When it was time to go into the bakery, McCann said excitedly, "I LOVE bakeries!" We all had to wear these hair nets.

The kids loved the cakes...

and the doughnuts best of all. (Wish they gave us samples, though.)

The last stop was at the cash registers. Our tour guide showed them how they scan food items. A few kids snuck in and scanned some items themselves - including McCann.

Well, it was a fun day at the grocery store. Here are the kids getting back on the bus and heading back to class.


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