The Marvelous, Magical Birthday Of Seuss


One wintery day on the second of March. We got a big note, and that was the start. The start of events you will see. And its all because of our friend Holley Ellison McGhie. She has a pet monkey, it crawls on her head. She even lets it sleep with her in her bed. She had urgent news. It just could not be stopped. She had to tell us before the day went plop, plop, plop, plop.

"It's the birthday of Seuss," that's what she said. "It's the birthday of Seuss," she wrote from her bed. She wrote with her monkey on top of her head. You must celebrate; simply you must. You are my friends that play, play, play, play without any fuss. You must honor this birthday, this birthday of Seuss. You must do this; you have nothing to lose.

Without a second to waste we dashed off to Bliff's Store. Without a second to waste we ran out the door. Bliff's Store is the place to get what we need. Green eggs and ham, we can get there, indeed.

Green eggs and ham is a great way to say, happy birthday to Seuss on this marvelous day. Happy birthday to Seuss this is only the start. We have lots more to do. We each have our part.

Off we went, off we went at a vary fast pace. Off we went, off we went as if in a race. We went to read Seuss books, no time could be wasted. The clock was tik toking, we had to make hasted. There were things to be done on this birthday of Seuss. We must, must, must, must celebrate. It was just no use.

We spread on the floor on this second of March. We read, read, read, read until it was darked. But we could not stop there. We simply kept Seussing. We could care less whether we looked goof, goofy.

So on we read by the lamp of the car. On we read as we drove beneath white stars. Homeward bound we went, reading books in the night. Reading books by Seuss with the car's lamp light.

We read way past bedtime on this birthday of Seuss. We read way past bedtime, but what could we do? This comes once a year; it has been so much fun. I can't wait until we do another one.


4 thoughts on “The Marvelous, Magical Birthday Of Seuss

  1. What fun! We read Dr. Seuss when you were small. We even belonged to a Dr. Seuss book club. You guys have such adventures. Mom Purcell.

  2. Mom Purcell, we have some of your Dr. Seuss books here at our house. Luhi, we should join a club so we can buy them all. I love your post. I love you.

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