Dress My Wife Part IX

I haven’t done a Dress My Wife Post in almost six months. Wow! Is that possible? For those of you that are not familiar with a Dress My Wife post, these are clothes I would pick out for Fauneil. I’d love to go spend $20,000, if I could.

Here are a few bags I would love to get my wife. She's not a purse/bag person though. She likes to travel light. Don't blame her. I'm the same way.

Love the pattern of this purse.

This one too.

Love the color of this one.

What's not to like about this?

Like, not love.

Can't stand the shoes, but I'll take the rest.

Love, love, love, LOVE! Super sexy!

Love the coat. Like the rest.

Great hair.

Nothing like a great pair of shoes.

My wife loves the style and look of Emma Watson. I'd have to say I agree with her 100%.

For the most part, I like the look and style of Kate Middleton as well (or whatever her new name is...Kate the Duchess of whatever...is it Cambridge?)

Well, this is it until I get to my next Dress My Wife post. See you then.


One thought on “Dress My Wife Part IX

  1. I don’t like the green bag. I wish I had more use for bags, because I think the ones you pick are so awesome. I just don’t need that many to take to work and stay home. I’m basically wearing the black dress that Kate has on (in the 3rd picture down) right now. And I seriously hope that the girl’s legs in the “super sexy” picture are photo-shopped, otherwise, how can she walk on just skin and bone? I love you. Love the clothes, bags and hair (Emma’s), too.

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