Blogging Bling: How To Use the Holidays to Build Traffic

My Name is Luhi Purcell. I am an amateur blogger using my years of online marketing experience to to, hopefully, make me more than an amateur blogger. Follow the "Blogging Bling" section of my blog, so you can learn as I learn (from my trial-and-error) as I kick-start a whole new generation of bloggers...the daddy bloggers.

Pay attention, because what I am about to share is a little know marketing secret: "Go to where the crowd already is."

During the holidays, the crowd is always in thought about the holidays. Let me give you an example.

Every October, I create a "10 Worst Halloween Costumes" post.

Each year, it gives me around an extra 1,000 visitors that find me via Google and other search engines. . This year it gave me an extra 714 in October and an extra 868 over all.

Thanksgiving is the next holiday, so I am posting a pumpkin pie recipe and a post about what to do with your turkey leftovers. People will be looking for these things and I will get extra traffic. (How do you like this turkey I've drawn? Maybe I should stop blogging and become an artist...nah!)

I researched what Thanksgiving terms are being searched on the web right now. Over 2 million for turkey recipes, over 1/2 million for stuffing recipes, and over 100,000 for pumpkin pie recipes. Looks like I will be cooking them all this week to get blog posts up and capture that traffic. Hope this post was useful. More Blogging Bling tips to come.