There Are Too Many Stupid People In the World, and This Article Proves It

Taken from the Daily Universe, Wednesday October 5, 2011

This article makes me want to punch people.


A Complete Day of Blah!

The other day I had “one of those days.” You know the kind I am talking about. It goes like this:

-I scratched off a bunch of things on my to-do list, but forgot the most important one. (Grrr!)

-My kids didn’t get any of their homework done. (That’s right. NONE of it.)

-I got dinner cooked, but the house is a mess and there were five loads of laundry left untouched. (Hate it when Fauneil has to come home to that.)

-I spent money on stuff that I should have never have bought. (Total buyers remorse and guilt.)

-I spilt hot chocolate all down the front of the kitchen cabinets and onto the floor. 

-I have major life decisions that I keep putting off.

Well, the day goes on from there, but I won’t bore you with any more of the horrific details. I don’t want you to get depressed like me. On days like this I feel incomplete. I feel lame. Have you ever felt like this? Had days like this? I am sure you have. We all do. Still, these days are “Blah” and I hate them.