Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts 2011

I had a hard time finding ones that were as hideous as the items I foundlast year (in my post Top 5 Worst Christmas Gifts 2010), but these will do.

Nose Shower Soap Dispenser

Boyfriend Pillow

Toilet Mug

Pooping Santa

Bacon Flavored Dental Floss (Eeew!)

Luxury Tampon

His and hers TV couch (so you can spend quality time together)

Gold Plated Porsche (I'll take the Porsche, just give me the gold on the side)

Mercedez Bycicle (They could of at least made them look as nice as the car)

Custom Made Gold Statue of Yourself (narcissism at its best)

Please give me one of these gifts instead.

How about this yacht with a garage

$550,000 Watch (Full disclosure: I will probably sell it and pay off my house)

Watch too cheap? How about this $160 million Yacht? (Actually, I don't like the sea. Scratch that one.)

This personal submarine would be nice.

Am I being too extravagant? Okay. I'll settle for this lawn mower.


Ten Worst Halloween Costumes 2011 Edition

Is it just me, or is this just sick and wrong?

Get a room people.

Now this is just disgusting.

Just plain disgusting.

Now who would want to dress their kid as flatulence?

And dressing your kid up as a receptical for human waste? What's up with that?

Just plain disrespectful! That's what this is!

I have no words.

Dude! If you're gonna dress as a superhero, at lest have a superhero body.

And who the heck is this crime figher? Tin Foil Man? (Drinking on the job, apparently.)

Tried for Iron Paper Man. (With Christmas bow power.)

Here is a bonus: R2D2 with naked human arms and legs. Really?