Fat Busting With Arnold Schwarzenegger, LL Cool J and Bill Phillips (of Body For Life fame)

After seeing this disgusting picture of myself, I decided that I needed to get off my butt and get back into shape. Time to blast the fat away!

I created my own work out system using these three books: The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Platinum Workout by LL Cool J.

And Body For Life by Bill Phillips.

I'm sure you have seen before and after photos like these ones.

The before pictures are always blurry, and have participants slouching and frowning. Slumped shoulders.

The after photos always are professionally taken, with them smiling. Anyway...

Here is my before photo. Hope I did a good job looking sad an hunched-over. I am going to blog my experience. Here we go. Time for take-off.



1. Eat healthy on weekdays and whatever I want on weekends. (Weekdays = Monday breakfast up to Friday Dinner. Weekends =  Friday Dinner to Sunday dinner.)

2. On my healthy days, I eat 6 moderate sized meals with one portion each of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Usually 2 -3 of those meals are meal replacement/protein shakes due to time constraints.

3. On weekends I still drink three protein shakes through out each day, even though it is my day off.


1. Cardio workouts are on  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

2. Weight training on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (alternating upper and lower body).

3. Sundays are my day off.

4. When I weight train, I don’t use a spotter. I workout to fail, then I lower the weight to finish out the last set.

5. Twice a month I exhaust my muscles in my weight training (i.e. I do three sets of 12 reps like normal, then I continually lower the weights and do sets until I cannot even lift 2.5 lbs.)

5. Cardio workouts are done in three stages: A) Warm up B) moderate C) Kill/stretch myself. Push it to the limit. (I do this three times each cardio session.)

Making It Real:

1. I allow leeway for slips, mistakes and temptation. I don’t get overly concerned if I slip and eat a  candy bar or don’t go 100% on my workout. I just don’t make it a habit to do these things all the time. I am human. I will slip up. I know this.

2. Keep the long term goal in mind

As of this post, I have been going strong at this work out for two weeks. I have already lost my love handles and most of my gut. Can't wait to see the results when I am done. And I am excited to share with you my experience of this process. Well, let's get back to work.


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