I Let My Kids Play Video Games and Watch TV All Day, So I Could Feed My Gardening Addiction.

WARNING: I am publishing this post with out ANY editing or review (mind you, my normal editing is not that great either). Read at your own risk. I am way to tired to care about grammar tonight.

Today, ALL day, I let my kids play on the computer...

Play on the iPad...

And watch TV. Why did I do this?

I wanted to prepare our back yard for the annual block party we throw every year for our neighbors on Cherry Lane. If I let the kids have a whole day of electronic fun, they will leave me alone to accomplish something.

So after I got the kids settled into their electronic fun, I got all my tools together and started full charge on the our gardens and lawn in the back yard.

I mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, trimmed trees, painted our park bench (mint green), started a new flower bed, stacked fire wood, and swept our patio and sidewalk.

I took Emma out with me, so she could play in the yard.

I went in to check on the kids several times. They were eating their homemade popsicles, and...

Microwaving strawberries (which stinks, by the way).

At one point I was forced to feed them a quick lunch, and then I headed back out the door to work on my yard again. (Not healthy, but they loved it, and it was quick).

When I was all done with the yard, there was a BIG problem. It was time to go pick up Fauneil from the hospital, but I had totally ignored the inside of the house.

I hate having my wife come home to a messy house, so I had to quickly think of a way to make this up to her. The pristine back yard was a start, but I also..

packed up some food and we went up into the mountains for a picnic (straight from picking her up from work)

She had a blast, so the plan worked.

When we finally got back to our front door, I just had to show Fauneil the beautiful back yard before she saw the big mess inside.

Don't look at the stuff, but the bench under the stuff. This is the before picture. Ugly with brown peeling paint.

This is the after pic. I painted it a mint green.


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